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Harvest Shares

NEW!  If someone mentions your name when they are filling out the registration form, you will receive 10% of their total share price to spend in our farm store.  That’s at least $40 to spend and as much as $150 for every person you send our way!  Questions?  Contact us at

If you’re looking for fresh, local, organic food, you’ve come to the right place!  Become a member in Everdale’s Harvest Share program today!

Shares start from as low as $23.20 per pick-up!

Four Summer locations to choose from!  Click the link below to read more about each pick-up and to register:

***Online registration is now closed.  Shares are still available.  You can still read all of the information about the Harvest Share program in the links for each location below.  If you have more questions or would like to discuss registration, contact***

If you have read the detailed information contained in the links above and still have questions,  Click here to read our FAQ’s.

Member Benefits:

  • 20-30 seasonal fruits and vegetables to choose from each week
  • a choice of how many weeks you would like to pick up your share in any given season!
  • 4 share sizes to suit your needs
  • take-what-you-need fresh herbs
  • invitations to farm events and activities
  • cut flowers and u-pick peas and beans (summer share, farm pickup location only)

We believe that our Harvest Share program can deepen your connection with your food, your farmers, and the land. As a Harvest Shareholder Everdale becomes “your farm”.

Everdale also offers Autumn and Winter Share options.  Registration for the current program has closed but if you still want more information please review the links below.

Autumn and Winter On-Farm Harvest Share Programs, Click Here

Autumn and Winter Toronto Harvest Share Programs, Click Here