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Working Shares

Working Share

What is a Working Share?

This program offers an opportunity to receive a Harvest Share in exchange for working with us on the farm or at one of our pick-up or market locations. Rather than paying for your share with money, working share members commit to working with us 1 day per week and receive a share of the harvest in exchange.


Working shares are expected to commit to most if not every week of the season, from early June through the end of October. Like regular Harvest Shareholders, you will not be expected to work the weeks you are away (and thus not picking up your share). The number of hours you work with us each week will determine the size of share you receive:

Small Share 4 hours per week
Medium Share 6 hours per week
Large Share 9 hours per week

On-Farm Workshares
Hillsburgh Farm Store:  Afternoon and early evening shifts on Thursday or Saturday mornings
Hillsburgh Field:  Morning or afternoon shifts in the fields with our farmers on Thursdays

Toronto Market/PickUp Workshares – All Toronto spots filled
Toronto Pick-Up (187 Brunswick Ave.):  Afternoon and early evening shifts on Tuesday
Dufferin Grove Market:  2 to 7 pm Thursdays

Brickworks Market:  7 to 11 am Saturdays
Wychwood Market:  7 to 11 am Saturdays

What’s it Like?

The working share is a great way to get your hands dirty, learn a bit about organic farming, and get to know the Everdale community, not to mention earning some fresh local produce! Farming is energetic and rewarding work. Whether you are in the field, the farm store, at the Toronto pickup, or one of the markets, working shares are for those who enjoy physical work. You will work alongside our farm staff and students, learning how we grow and sell our produce. You will be trained and become proficient at your tasks, and become an integral part of the farm.

Becoming a Working Shareholder

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact us before registering for your Harvest Share. Thank you for your interest!


David Alexander, Harvest Share Coordinator