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Hillsburgh Farm School trips

Farm School Programs – We will be taking bookings for Spring 2017 in the very near future!  Keeping checking back for more info!

Flock Fun!  – Grade K-6
This workshop gets students interacting with livestock and helping with chores. Students learn about the livestock’s needs, and how they are fulfilled. (The grade 6 program also examines how a bio-diverse farmyard helps fill a number of these needs.) By collecting eggs, exploring fibre and taking part in other activities students discover all the wonderful products our animal friends can provide for us.
Near and Natural – Grade 4-12 
Students discover the nutritional, environmental and socio-economic benefits of eating local food. As well, they learn how to source local food, what foods are in season and how to preserve the bounty for year-round enjoyment.
Market Garden Magic  – Grade -1-3
How do you grow a healthy, delicious vegetable? This workshop allows students to follow the magical journey of their food. The day begins by learning what healthy soil is and why it’s important for plants. From there, it’s on to the greenhouse to discover what plants need to grow and thrive. Then it’s on to the fields where students learn all about the different parts of plants and plant functions. They may even get a chance to harvest and taste some market-ready vegetables.
Soil Detectives – Grades 1-3
How are we connected to the soil? Students learn the answer to this as they become more familiar with the roles that time, wind, water, micro-organisms, light and heat play on soil health. They also explore how humans can contribute to the health of soil and why that is so important.
Farmer for a Day – Grade K-12
This workshop gives students an integrated farm experience that focuses on seasonal activities. No two days on the farm are ever the same and each season brings different priorities. Students will don their farmer hats and help out with farm chores, discover what’s in season in the fields and participate in related seasonal activities.
Field Work on the Farm – Grades 9-12      
Students learn about ecological agriculture while working alongside our farmers. This program is designed for the class that wants to dig deeper into field work (literally). We will explore the farm and participate in field work tasks.   Students garner a better understanding of tools and farm systems.
Biological Farming – Grades 7-12
Students examine first hand, different methods used to grow market garden vegetables sustainably.  We will also trace products from the field to the marketplace, discuss crop rotation, erosion and compost. 
# Students                             Half day fee                        Full day fee
      5-14                                    $125.00                               $175.00
     15-20                                    $160.00                              $260.00
     21-25                                    $175.00                              $320.00
     26-30                                    $225.00                              $375.00
     31-40                                    $300.00                              $500.00
     41-45                                      n/a                                   $600.00
     46-50                                      n/a                                   $675.00
To ensure the safety of our visitors and to provide the absolute best quality program possible, we are limited to 50 students per visit.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
Program Times:
Half day  programs – 10:00-12:00  or  12:30-2:30
Full day programs –  10:00-2:30
Times may be  altered to accommodate for travel – please check in with Farm School Staff 
Volunteers & Weather: 
There is no charge for teachers or parents within an 8:1 ratio (5:1 for Everdale Farms-156 (web)kindergarten classes). Outside of that, the cost per extra adult is $5.00. Trips run rain or shine and are only cancelled when an Environment Canada weather warning is issued.   A full list of how to prepare and what to bring for your trip will be provided with your confirmation email.
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