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Everdale simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you. As a registered charity, we rely on the amazing generosity of our donors. Whether you have donated before or are considering making a donation, please accept our heartfelt thanks. Your contributions are what make it possible for us to develop and deliver our ground-breaking, award-winning educational programs. And that is priceless.

“My friend greets me with a smile and a “Hey there, farmer!” I grin back. This is a greeting I’ve gotten used to over the past year. It still strikes my friends as hilarious that they can call me that…”  Read Laura’s story.

“I can only describe the field trip to Everdale as the most amazing experience of my entire life…”  Read Sarah’s story.

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Where your money goes

Your dollars can make a difference in some of the following ways: 

  • $20 can support a student like Sarah or Aliya to learn about where their food comes from. $500 can support a whole class;
  • $50 can give a new farmer like Laura the chance to learn a new skill that they need to get in the fields and start farming;
  • $100 can provide seeds for one row of carrots;
  • $250 can help ensure our produce is affordable to all families living in the communities we serve. It can support one low-income family to affordably access the food we grow.

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To donate by mail:
Download our printable donor form and mail to:

Everdale Donations
P.O. Box 29
Hillsburgh, ON  N0B 1Z0

Through sale of securities, in your will, or in kind: contact Aretha by email or call 519.855.4859, ext.111

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Please note: Donations over $20 will receive a charitable tax receipt. Everdale’s charitable registration number is 861517126 RR0001.