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Giving the Gift of Food

Food has always had a special way of bringing people together. From sharing morning coffee or afternoon tea, to sitting down to Sunday dinner and the chaotic warmth of holiday feasts, food provides the centerpiece of shared experiences throughout the year.

It’s no surprise that here at Everdale, we love food. We really do. Our farm lunches are a daily highlight, always filled with seasonal delights. Eavesdrop at our weekly harvest share pick-ups and farmers’ market stalls and you’ll overhear farmers and customers swapping favourite recipes and helpful suggestions on what to do with kohlrabi or collard greens.

Just like food, we believe from the bottom of our boots that community farming has that powerful effect of bringing people together. From summer farm camp, to youth internships, to the seniors’ gardening group, our programs bring together people of all ages. And the impact? Powerful, positive connections with food. One young farm camper dreamed up a pancake farm: “Dairy cows for milk and butter. Wheat and grain, chicken for eggs, and maple trees for syrup.” Zak’isha, a youth intern, described her experience as “life-changing.” Jean, a member of the seniors’ group gushed about how she was still learning new things, like the importance of healthy food, and how to make delicious tomatillo salsa.

Our community farms in Hillsburgh and at Black Creek are building a vibrant local food system – one that connects field to fork, connects teachers with learners, and connects farmers with friends like you. Our community farming model creates stronger, healthier, more informed communities. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Every year, demand for our programs grows faster than we can keep up with. Over the past year, we’ve had to turn away schools, aspiring farmers, and families who cannot afford the cost of fresh, local produce. We need your help. Your donations help us train farmers, teach kids and feed families.

I can’t emphasize enough how important your support is. Your dollars can help in some of the following ways:

  • $20 can support a farm camper like our pancake farmer to learn about where their food comes from.
  • $50 can give a youth intern like Zak’isha the chance to learn a new skill that they need to get in the fields and start farming.
  • $75 can help us buy enough seeds for two full beds of kale.
  • $100 can help us create access to local food year-round by funding our greenhouse operations.
  • $250 can help ensure our produce is affordable for all families living in the communities we serve.

By donating today, you are investing in a future of healthy communities and a sustainable food system. You are supporting farmers and food lovers of all ages, from our young farm campers to our seniors’ group members. You are giving the gift of food, knowledge, and a stronger community. Donating is just a click away and less than five minutes of your time.


Donate Now Through!
To our shared love of food and community this holiday season,


Gavin Dandy, Executive Director

P.S. One person, one gift can truly make a difference. Please, donate now to help new farmers, children, families and communities access and grow healthy, local food. 

Kale Harvest Nov 20